Onsite Field Services

Alexander Technologies’ services are your superior alternative to the Best Buys and Big box Retailers of the world. Here is why small and home-based business owners, homemakers and corporate CEOs all agree we are better:

Welcome to you

  • When you purchase new equipment or software from us we deliver it to you and set it up—then we teach you how to use it!
  • Service techs come to you for free warranty service.
  • Prices are equal to, if not lower than the “others.”
  • Our consultants are well trained, articulate and courteous.
  • Our technicians answer ALL of your questions promptly and comprehensively.
  • Our hourly fees are very competitive.

Develop a plan

We have experienced civil engineers who are skilled at helping clients identify and prioritize their project objectives.

Whether you are looking to improve the functionality of a transportation system, enhance the sustainability of a building, or reduce the impact of a development on the environment, we can work with you to determine the specific objectives of your project and develop a plan to achieve them.

Warranty & Guarantees

We are committed to making our customers happy for their entire lifetime and we strive to provide the kind of value that will make you want to keep coming back to us. Therefore, when the unexpected happens you will know you are in good hands. Learn More

We are
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