Home Theater & Screening Rooms

Our Home Movie Theater (or Cinema) and Screening Room systems for Film and Video raise the bar to new levels of performance, ease of use and transparent integration with your existing or proposed decor.


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Whether it is for your home, conference room or lobby, we are here to make the most, in every respect, of your investment .

Our design and engineering staff work with clients to combine Hi Definition Video with Video Projectors and LCD Screens, Retracting Projectors and Screens, and even large Rear Projection televisions with the best in Surround Sound Audio Systems (THX®, Dolby Digital®, DTS®).

We complement our systems with acoustically designed in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, subwoofers and remarkably easy controls.

Advanced engineering can include the design and installation of integrated lighting and drape control, using tasteful cabinetry, or even hidden away completely. Contact our home theater design and engineering to begin enjoying home theater just like at the movies at  contact@alexandertech-la.com or 866-299-4363.


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