Multi-Room Audio & Video

Multi-room and whole-house audio video systems offer the perfect balance and state of the art in usability, architectural integration and performance.


Designed to enhance your complete audio experience and enjoyment, we incorporate simple, easy to use, one-touch access for music – throughout your home or office—from a variety of sources: satellite music channels, MP3 servers, CD changers and virtually any other audio source.

Aesthetics & Performance

Media Severs enhance your Video experience and enjoyment. We incorporate simple, easy to use one-touch access for TV and Movies —throughout your home or office—from a variety of sources including Satellite, Video content servers, DVD changers and virtually any other Video source.

We cater to aesthetics and performance, giving priority to user-friendly combinations of keypads, touch-screens and simple, efficient Source button/volume controls delivering the promise of unsurpassed value-driven quality.

For those customers seeking the ultimate experience in audio fidelity, our engineers will work tirelessly to maximize the acoustics of your environment and recommend equipment that will meet and exceed your every need and desire.

Contact the multi-room audio and video design and engineering to get the ultimate system at  or 866-299-4363.

Warranty & Guarantees

We are committed to making our customers happy for their entire lifetime and we strive to provide the kind of value that will make you want to keep coming back to us. Therefore, when the unexpected happens you will know you are in good hands. Learn More

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